10 Great Agblogs

Blog #1 – Ag – A Colorful Adventure for This City Girl – I really enjoy readying Janice’s blog. She is always posting about her travels for work and vacations and includes many things other than just agriculture posts.

Blog #2 – Gate to Plate  – Is authored by Michele Payn-Knoper who is a public speaker for agriculture. She posts herself and features guest posters for farming and other topic posts.

Blog #3 – Darin’s Ramblings – I enjoy reading Darin Grimm’s posts. He doesn’t post often but has many good topics to post about. He reminds me that even though you might not post often, people will still view your blog.

Blog #4 – KellyMRivard.com – Kelly’s blog is very interesting to read. She posts on a wide variety of topics but also brings together the big picture for agriculture-related posts and others.

Blog #5 – Reflections from a Country Boy – Sam does well on his posts he writes for his blog. He makes sure to take his time writing posts to make sure he gets his message said the right way. He posts quite a bit about swine and agvocating.

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