Top Three Things I Learned In My Ag Comm Course

The first most important concept that I have learned in this course is the importance of website usability. Web usability is important to know because those characteristics will determine how others will view and feel about your website or social sites. From the layout to how pages are linked to how easy photos and video a viewed, these all matter.  Having consistent layouts between social sites is also crucial for visitors to recognize your site and to help in your branding. Also, giving links to your multiple accounts on your different social pages can allow those visitors to be able to connect with you or your business in different ways.

Having a plan in place for how to use to social sites is a must. There are many aspects to a plan to address different issues especially if there are multiple people using the social sites. This helps everyone to know what is expected for using the sites. Also by having a plan, you can focus on the most important areas from engagement to your audience to how you are gain followers. You can also focus on your actual posting with the frequency of posting for each social site, the tone of the message, and what key words are you going to use to help affect your SEO when people search for those keywords.

The last main thing that I have learned, is how to use social bookmarking better. I signed up for Diigo and Delicious a few years ago, but I never really used them. I can’t say that I have checked out Reddit or Stumbleupon before, but I will have to check those out now. I can see the advantage of using them while I am searching for articles online. Being able to use tags and leaving notes on the page can be a bit advantage for when you return to those sites later. This can be especially helpful for when we are finding sites or particular characteristics of a site to show to a class. Being able to collaborate with others could be extremely helpful also. With all of these features, you can become a thought-leader and can help share content with others that extends the field and not just linking your own material.

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